KAMAZ 5410 v1.40.x-1.41.x

KAMAZ 5410 v1.40.x-1.41.x

KamAZ-5410 is the most recognizable domestic tractor produced by the Kama Automobile Plant in the period from 1976 to 1996, during this time more than 270,000 vehicles rolled off the assembly line.

KamAZ-5410 can be bought in the section “Dealers brands from modifications “

The mod of the KamAZ-5410 tractor from oq37 has an independent file structure and does not conflict with other mods. In those. plan implemented one sleeping cabin and chassis with a 6 × 4 formula, 7 KAMAZ internal combustion engines (from 210 to 440 hp) and 6 gearboxes (8, 9, and 10-st) are available from the power units, in addition, it is worth noting the high-quality interior with animation, support for external tuning and two lines of FMOD sounds!
(The mod is compiled into the auto installer! Unpack and run the Installer!)

oq37, JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishanka, _69_mf, MaxX_Agent, Unic


10 thoughts on “KAMAZ 5410 v1.40.x-1.41.x

  1. Why is the file an .exe?

    1. Exe Installer for newbie users. 😀

    2. To install a virus along with the mod

  2. 4k Video Review

  3. nicht downloaden !!! es werden speedtest und andere programme instaliert !!!
    Arschloch !!!

  4. Ramdiesau

    exe installer a Virus

  5. Virus Alert

    Don’t download this mod.. it’s an exe in purpose so it would also install a virus on your computer.. yes you’ll get the mod but also a virus.. beware…

  6. Installed it, and windows defender just removed it.
    And I downloaded malware zero program to get rid of them.
    Nice mod, But you ####

  7. Make Kamaz 55111 version

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