KamAZ 5460-63 (2009)

Update for version 1.40 in this update I added animations of windows
inside and outside, animation of the alarm button, differential
lock indicator, changed the sound of the signal,
there will be two more engine sounds KAMAZ and Krazovsky like
everything to get the mod,
unpack the archive it will immediately
have engine sounds that you need make it a top priority.

The modification has an auto-installer in the archive!
The assembly was done on a licensed installer !!!!
1.Unpack the downloaded archive
2.Run the installer
3. Enjoy your game



8 thoughts on “KamAZ 5460-63 (2009)

  1. Setup_exe for an ETS2 mod? Are you kidding me?

    1. Kim Ki Gum

      Don’t have a Setup_exe for an ETS2 mod.

  2. При установке этого мода пропадают флажки при подъезде на базу,невозможно отметить и выполнить заказ.

  3. Kim Ki Gum

    hey funyash, you don’t have a Setup for ETS2 mod… so this is not

  4. Necrokilldozerr

    If I’m not mistaken, this mod was created by MTG on version 1.32

  5. It has virus!!!

    1. Kim Ki Gum

      yes virus download….

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