Kenworth Lang Ausgabe V1.0


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Author: (Haulin)
pete379jps, Cerritos
Author (ETS 2): “dmitry68” und “Stas556”
Sound: “Kriechbaum”
Räder: “preta”


12 thoughts on “Kenworth Lang Ausgabe V1.0

  1. Stephen Lane

    Great looking truck 🙂 does one of the camara views go into the sleeping bed compartment? Like in the picture? Great work

  2. David Otto

    So what the difference between this mod and the other Kenworth 900 Legacy Sleepers. It look the same as the other ones.

    1. Very nice truck. But this is an very old model from ETS2 Version Nothing is changed en the model is the same. Bit dissapointed…..

  3. Another re-release even though it is quite old

  4. I think I’m going to stop using this site.

    I don’t think owner is active in community so is easily fooled by old mods being re-uploaded.

  5. what dealer can find it?

    1. You can find it at MAN dealers

  6. To smoke

  7. How to smoke

  8. Does this mod work on ets2 1.15.x?

  9. hey guys I have the version ets2 1.15 and my mods don’t seem to be working ive looked in the man dealership for this one and nothing was there except the regular trucks and all of the other mods (that I activated) don’t seem to show up either???? help??

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