Kenworth + New Engine


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Kenworth Truck with New Engine
Find in Iveco Dealer

Author: MOE


9 thoughts on “Kenworth + New Engine

  1. Video bro?

    1. MoessaM97

      I have uploaded it 🙂

  2. und wieder einmal ein Alter Mod .
    Viele PMG Fehler / Warnings.

  3. Very ugly mod , not nice at all

  4. This is missing KW badge so is not Aiightis’ latest version and you should’ve given credit since you included the whole truck.

    But it has a “New engine”! WOW! /sarcasm

    1. Is aiightis still making mods? If so where is he posting them?

      1. Wolfpack99

        Nope, He has been done for awhile. Haven’t seen anything from him since 1.4

  5. How do I even install the mod?

  6. If you are going to use someone else’s work, at least give them credit for it.

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