Kenworth T800 Carliler skin




8 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 Carliler skin

  1. Chickenlights&chrome

    Maybe-Carlile Transportation Systems–Alaska

    1. Can’t seem to get it to work on my T800. I’m using the Kenworth T800 v1.02. When I try to apply the paint job it just shows up as a red and black error.

  2. darnellm09

    Do you have a template for the T800 so I can make skins? I drive the same truck, your skin looks nice here, can’t wait to test it out!

  3. ####! LOL I am half way through making this skin myself as it fits perfectly with the T800.
    Thankyou for your release Marcolussi!

    1. Good mod 🙂
      I had to fiddle with the def file a little to get it to show up, when I loaded the game, clicked to add to profile then went to use it on the truck it was all red with “Texture not found”
      So I played with the sii file and sorted it out, now works fine. Thankyou uploader.
      I have my own version to complete tomorow. Verb

      1. Can you tell me how you got it to work?
        I’m looking around the .sii file however I’m not sure what is wrong, not too good at this troubleshooting thing.

      2. tijdreiziger54

        Should be nice if you could tell what and how to change. For the red “texture not found” is just terrible… The Carlile skin is nice though. Should be nice to have it working.

  4. alex25trouy

    Bonjour le skin ne marche pas

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