Kenworth T800 Engine


Mod adds motors 750 1010 and HP for Kenworth T800. Available with 0-level.



14 Responses to Kenworth T800 Engine

  1. noune45 says:

    pourquoi le voyant de frein ne s’allume t’il pas sur le camion acheter alors que si on travail pour un patron il fonctione

  2. Roddy1990 says:

    Great mods! But I’ve got a question and a commentary:
    1- Can you make the same versions for the Cummins engine?
    2- I noticed that both the 750 and the 1,010 hp options don’t have the engine block appearing behind the front wheels, under the hood…it’s empty.

  3. Renegade says:

    Hi Adison8

    Can U make this mod for Peterbilt389 ??


  4. dannyhaya says:

    When I start the engines, the game crashes!
    I tried everything, load before T800 or behind T800, game keeps on crashing!

  5. dannyhaya says:

    @Adison8, this mod is always crashing my game when I start the engine, however i got your mod-engine for the Freightliner Coronado to and that one works like a charm, no problem at all. Could you plz look into this?

    Greetings from Antwerp, Belgium!

  6. Chickenlights&chrome says:

    @Adison8, it also crashes my game could you please rectify.

  7. alberto says:

    Do i just add the engine mod to the mod folder or do i have to delete the truck mod and then add only this mod?

  8. miracles0032 says:

    No sound at all!
    All the engines sound does not work if these engines …
    Please link.

  9. Doc600 says:

    No Sound!!!ha

  10. Trucks_r_mylyfe says:

    your mod is excellent on regular game and with Russ map but for some reason they crashes with any other map mods that I use combined but separately its the best PLZZZCHECK pro mods Russia map eaa map combined engine mod not working

  11. Osccar says:

    upgrade this mod to the version 1.21.1s plis

  12. Melih Kentworth says:

    its working best on v2.1.2 tested and max speed i saw 150k/mh great upload

  13. damian1980 says:

    tested ets2 v1.22 ok… thanks

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