Kinematic Reshade Reborn

Kinematic Reshade offers you a few changes to give you a more enjoyable experience when playing.

The internal configuration of the game must be as follows:

– High Dynamic Range: Yes
– Deph of Field: Yes
– Sunshafts: Yes
– Color correction: Yes
– The rest: Your graphic settings and the mods you use

Highly recommended Mods to use this preset:

– Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod
– Realistic Graphics Mod or Realistic Brutal Weather

Important: Do not change the order of the shaders
Remember to turn off Night Light in Windows 10 if you play at night



6 thoughts on “Kinematic Reshade Reborn

  1. It works with JBX ?

    1. JBX Graphics modifies color and contrast. It may not be fully optimized, but you can try it.

      1. Thanks !!!!

  2. Working with Natural Lux graphics mod? Thanks

    1. Kinematic Reshade is no longer compatible with Naturalux

      Kinematic thread:

  3. Installing tutorial

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