KP Software UK Rebuilding Map

KP Software UK Rebuilding map is a map focused on updating the UK, as it has not seen a lot of love
Thats why we at KP Software are here to improve the Uk
Disclaimer: Anyone found to reproduce any of the work in this product will face legal action, all work in this map is our own.
We have faithfully recreated Brighouse and Elland to match their real world counterparts
Changelog V1.34:
Adapted to patch 1.34, Italia DLC and Beyond the Baltic Sea
Bug Fixes
Liverpool Rework
Brighouse Reworked
Reworked Manchester
Changed vegatation in Liverpool, Brighouse, Elland and the M62
Changed Silos in brighouse
Bug Fixes
Adapted to Patch 1.26 & Vive La France
ChangeLog V1.0:
* New Cities: Brighouse, Elland
* Reworked M62/A1
* Joined M62 onto the A63 near hull as in real life
* Rebuilt Sheffield
* Reworking of Liverpool
Authors: Freddy Peters, Ian Brownbill (For Logos only) Angel Fuentes FLD (Prefabs)

KP Software, 246 Studios, Ian Brownbill (Logos)


17 thoughts on “KP Software UK Rebuilding Map

  1. It looks great…!!! It is standalone map,or it work with vanilla ?

    1. KP Software

      Works with basemap only

  2. I wanted to know the same thing if it is an independent map or works with the original

    1. KP software

      Works with vanilla map ONLY

  3. Finally, UK is getting a bit of love and attention. Testing in progress. Thanks in advance.

  4. The file is huge for what has been added. When you made the mod did you zip up the whole map instead of the work you did?
    This is an old mod by 246 Studios some two years ago, and yes I see you gave them credit. But for me, what it actually adds is not worth the drive space.

    1. KP software

      Over the past 2 years SCS have released 2 new DLCs with 1000’s of assets, which we bundled with the download, the next version we will cut down on the Download size, alternatively contact us on our page for a lighter version without the SCS models package. We used to be 246 studios before we changed the name to KP Software, and before that we was know as SKM Productions, I can assure you before anyone starts saying we stole it we didn’t, it is all our own work.

  5. crashingbill001

    Daz, i think you made de 2-0 🙂

  6. martin edwards

    hi there does it work with promods because it looks a nice map.

    1. KP software

      Basemap only, promods version will come when promods bring out Thier next update

  7. Do i need any special dlc?

  8. Stephen Butler

    I suggest waiting until there can be a download that is not so heavy.

  9. Hi what is the correct load order for the map including the Custom Company file please?

    1. KP Software

      A smaller footprint size download is being uploaded and should be reasy soon, i will contact the moderators and ask the to update the link

  10. Geoff Stewart

    Could you explain how to put company file into ets2 please. No probs with assets and map as i know they go into mod manager. Many thanks KP

  11. Does+it+work+with+TSM?

  12. PLease say how to incorporate the zipped Company file into the mod manager

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