Kraker Walkingfloor Box for the DAF XF by 50k

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This mod is adding Kraker Walkingfloor cargo box for the DAF XF by 50k.
This mod is standalone. All files are in the mod!

Download file and copy to mod folder.

Kast, Scs, RJL, Capital, Flemming V, Nordisch


4 thoughts on “Kraker Walkingfloor Box for the DAF XF by 50k

  1. bonsaier002

    danke für den kleinen wunsch ,läuft super ,danke

  2. make what to MAN TGX_Euro 6 Madsters MAN, it”s a great joob (Y)

  3. mak a treiler weth dolly this kraker

  4. Der Kantrowicz


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