Kraz 64431 v 1.2 Fix [1.31.xx +1.32.x]

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KrAZ-64431 Azovec version 1.2 (Modified) FIX!!
Full adaptation for ETS2 by ETS2_Mod.

Bought in a DAF dealer.
2 Cabins.
2 the Chassis.
4 Engine on firms JAMZ.
10 Transmissions.
Fuel tank 1200 L (Added)
Animation of cables for all types of trailers.(FIX)
Removed the conflict of wheels from ATS!!(FIX)
Completely fixed all bugs from ATS.(FIX)
Added new wheels from KAMAZ.(NEW)
Optimized textures, meshes, shadows, remove debris from the interior.
New sounds for truck KrAZ-64431. (Modified)
New cockpit textures, chassis and interior.
New engines, transmissions and sounds of KRAZ.
The finishing: Rihtovka, sanding, priming, painting, polishing: Petlyura, Shukhevych, Stansbery
Updated at the dealer and added to the gallery!

Test version ETS2:

Nikon Oleinichenko, vovangt4, il_86.


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7 thoughts on “Kraz 64431 v 1.2 Fix [1.31.xx +1.32.x]

  1. This it FAKE russian share uploades mod on money … ahaaa….

    1. Nikon Oleinichenko

      Got a problem with that, friend?

      1. Holger Wulf

        You have problem comrade? Lol.

  2. Trucker_Schmitt

    Let’s be a bit more neutral, please.
    What I can say, I’ve downloaded that truck in earlier versions, but always it nerved me the to small fuel-tank.
    As the uploader says here, the capacity is now by 1200 Liters.
    That’s great – I feel myself so happy – really?
    That tank-capacity is finally realised – oh what a wonder it is – to write some different lines into the configuration-lines.
    But the developers were in deep sleep until now, to just have ‘overseen’ these so important data………
    Congrats therefore, as I see that you awoke – finally……..
    Have a great run with this truck………

  3. Schade leider kein SISL Pack

  4. Stolen mod!

  5. The engine power figures are wrong…

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