Krone Doble & Triple [MP-SP]


Este mod consigue que podamos utilizar un Krone doble o triple (triple incompatible con el online). La activación, al igual que como lo muestro en el video, es en el modo singleplayer, compramos nuestro remolque y seguido a esto ya podemos ingresar al online con nuestro remolque.


This mod allows us to use a double or triple Krone (triple incompatible with online). The activation, like how I show it in the video, is in singleplayer mode, we buy our trailer and following this we can enter online with our trailer.

SCS Software, TEmaT


One thought on “Krone Doble & Triple [MP-SP]

  1. hi can anyone make a skin with trotters independent traders ,co as in t v series only fools and horses for game version 1.37-138 thanks don’t know how to put this in paint job thanks

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