Krone Fridge FC Bayern München Trailer [1.30.x]

Fantrailer of FC Bayern Munic.

Color: White
Cargo: Stückgut
Weight: 20000kg – 20t



6 thoughts on “Krone Fridge FC Bayern München Trailer [1.30.x]

  1. Die Allianz Arena leuchtet doch blau??? …Jedenfalls als ich immer dort war… 😀

  2. hi Thanks its mega geil FCBayern for ever 🙂

  3. Bayern for NEVER… LOL

  4. @dr_jaymz

    im sorry i have to ask… in which scenario the bayern munchen would need a refrigerated trailer?

    1. I think for the Weissbier , because they are all Time drunken for not feel their “Blesses” hahaha

      1. @dr_jaymz

        lol dude XD

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