Krone Garage

– for all cities
– v.1.32


Thank you for downloading.




5 thoughts on “Krone Garage

  1. hello, for me with version 1.32 it does not work ..
    all buildings have purple color

  2. Doesn’t work with 1.32, turns surrounding buildings purple. And not Krone, its Hindelang on the company board. Never known one of your garage mods to work without issues.

  3. Eu Driver

    He not know how MAKE MODs.. only make this ****** 😀

  4. CrowerCZ, for the houndred times, mate, your garage mods ARE NOT WORKING !!! Not now, not on a previous version, NOTHING! Stop releasing bad mods just to get downloads after it!

  5. The Garage Mods are all from 2015 and from Homer_S, Fred_be and other.
    It´s NOT his Work, he changes only the Sign of Company !!!!!

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