Large Cylinder trailer


Author: Carlos Silva


5 thoughts on “Large Cylinder trailer

  1. what dose this replaces

  2. Jianzhi94

    Seriously wide for european roads haha

    really challenging on small roads , tested and working on Latest patch of ETS 2

    Thumbs up for Work!

  3. finally summat large, however it clips through everything…

  4. well i can not get this 2 work i start a new game and only put this mod in but still can not get it 2 work

  5. Johan Wiqvist

    This works fine for me, also with a lot of other mods installed.

    I like the idea of this and fun to try driving. There is one thing which make it a bit boring. The load as is outside the trailer, can you drive throw buildings and cars and what ever without no harm to the truck.

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