Lautus Graphics HD 1.26.X

This is original Lautus mod…
I added:
New ground graphics
New grass graphics
Bright sun
Companies ground graphics
Sunlight in the windows
Don’t reupload!

HillGaming,DastagiR, DRON4ik194, BlackOpen, Rightsid3


7 thoughts on “Lautus Graphics HD 1.26.X

  1. I like Lautus HD! But just for 1.26 man? No chance to work on 1.27? Thank’s.

    1. Harald1225

      It works on 1.27. I use it myself now 🙂

    2. The real one is working with 1.27. This is just a reupload.

  2. Hi, yes Lautus Graphics HD for patch 1.27X and ProMods 2.16 would be great.

    Best regards,

  3. Tremonia1974

    not compatible with pm 2.16! Old #### mod!

  4. show

  5. File Not Found

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