LED Trucklogos with Light v 2.0

new in V2.0


all Trucklogos with Chrome
aviable on all grills by Scania RJL


Mercedes New Actros 2014 by Schumi

SCS, Madster, Schumi and Dennis Grelak


4 thoughts on “LED Trucklogos with Light v 2.0

  1. can you compress the file, the size is too big…

    1. Yes, too big.
      But you can do it by yourself:
      – Make a new Folder with the Name of the Mod
      – Put all from the Mod in the Folder
      – Open the Folder and mark all
      – Than RMB ans put to Archive
      – Save as .zip
      And it´s done. 😉

  2. Ulan bunun neyi 335 MB anlamadım. Adamlar koskoca tırı komple modifiye ediyorlar 50-60 MB . Ben koçum sen bu işi bırak.

  3. Standard beacons not working with this mod….

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