LightFix “mini” Scania edition


LightFix “mini” Scania edition

credits: abasstreppas

This light-bar comes with three different looks, paint (which uses the base color of the truck), chrome and custom color.

To change the color of the LightFix mini custom, edit the located in: /vehicle/truck/upgrade/frontgrill/scania_rcab_2009/textures/

You can also change the color of the logos by editing the in the same folder. Do not change the alpha layer though 😉

This mod works with Scania trucks made by SCS, 50keda, RJL and GT-Mikes MKII. The light bar does not fit 100% perfect with RJL’s T-cab when using the 5-series old style front.

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10 thoughts on “LightFix “mini” Scania edition

  1. i would love to see this lightbar on the Daf euro 6

    1. abasstreppas

      I’ll make one for the Daf euro 6 and for the new Volvo too. Maybe in a week or so 😉

      1. i can’t wait, thanks!

  2. 1xmichaelx1

    Thank you for share!!! It looks fantastic on my streamline with your hella lights

  3. absolutely great work. I´m flashed to see what i can buildt on my beautiful truck. Big THX

  4. I’m using your hella luminator mod and it’s awesome. It will be even better with this lightbar! Thank you so much!!

  5. theredknight

    Really Nice Mod!
    Can you do it also for the DAF 50k ?

    1. abasstreppas

      In a week or so 😉

  6. Shigure89

    Hehe this old thingy is still something special, thanks! 😀

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