Loading Screen “Pretty Girls” v 1.0 final

Loading Screen “Pretty Girls” v 1.0
Replaces standard loading screens.


DOWNLOAD 37 MB [mirror]

6 thoughts on “Loading Screen “Pretty Girls” v 1.0 final

  1. How dumb have you be to install this shiet?

    xDDdddDDDDD Loading screen for life loosers lol. ### guys how poor life have you have to install this ####.

    1. Envy us in silence. Many people liked it , but only you make faces. Don’t make people laugh.

  2. IS NICE!!!!

  3. THE big dog

    So how exactly is this Truck related?, it’s only related to the game because it’s a loading screen.
    if there ever was a pointless download that adds nothing to the sim interms of gameplay its this ####, avoid like Covid-19

  4. THE big dog

    How is this related to Trucks?
    If you’re desperate to look at “pretty” girls – who by the looks of things are photoshopped fake ### bitches. then yeah download this absoultely useless “mod” or:
    If you are like me and you have:
    1) A life
    2) A Girlfriend who is real and is extremely beautiful
    And you are not desperate then you really don’t need this “mod” that brings literally nothing to the actual gameplay of the sim itself.

  5. to The Big Dog,you could always change the pictures to those of your real and extremely beautiful girlfriend,its not hard to do, how many pictures of your girlfriend do you want?I have a few

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