Low Deck Chassis Addon For all Trucks

There are so many people who love Low Deck Chassis so I decided to make personal mod for all the trucks
Compatibility Latest Version: 1.31
If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me in the Comments



5 thoughts on “Low Deck Chassis Addon For all Trucks

  1. Mod breaks (missing parts or texture problem) some of the trucks. It also causes game crash when tying to change certain options.

  2. Mod fantastic ! Old mod 2016/05 – 2017/02 . LoL No Work XD

  3. The+mod+not+work+good+with+scania+streamline.+(All+lamps+pink+:(+)

  4. The mod not work with scania streamline ( the lamps are pink )

  5. Wawrzyn Maluchnik

    after installing the modifications, I do not have cables (and I had) in premium renault, (I do not know how with other trucks) do you also have it?

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