Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v 0.4 BETA


Hi guys,

This is a new version of mod pack created by me for SCANIA RJL v


+ add Grill Chrom/Paint V8 Special
+ add Chrom doorsteps

+Logo V8 on side of cabin
+Chrome plate back to chassis

+ FIx Chrome Material
+ Add Chrome plate near steps

Please respect my hard work and Download Link, Thank you ?

Authors: SCS, RJL, Sn00kY89


5 thoughts on “Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v 0.4 BETA

  1. can u make some new exhaust more bigger one please

  2. SilvaTrucker

    Can you add V8 door handle?

    1. Mak-Kyver

      GT-Mike allready made it.. (doorhandle)

  3. Errorfest on patch 1.23

    1. Chris94_NOR

      It says it is for which is for 1.22 so not working on 1.23

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