Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.9.1 BETA



this is Accessories Pack created by me for SCANIA R&S by RJL version

V 0.9.1:
+Rework plate near doorsteps
+Rework plate chassis for 5° & 6°series
+Add Hibar LUX
+Add sunshield LUX
+Add front fender with V8 logo

Credits: Sn00ky89, 50keda, GTMike, RJL, SCS

A Special Thanks to Afrosmiu for the help and support on the project 😉

Please do not reuplod and respect my hard work, Thanks 😉

Have you fun!!! SN00KY89

Sn00ky89, 50 Keda, GTMike, RJL, SCS


6 Responses to Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.9.1 BETA

  1. papou says:

    Great, thank you for caps on the sheet

  2. kooning says:

    do you make this for Scania t also some day ?

    • Sn00kY89 says:

      I think when I finish for Scania R & D , will convert to Scania T 😉

  3. Deadmarsh says:

    This is a great mod thanks mate !!!

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