Luxurius Pack V1.1


Interior Luxurius for all trucks, except Renault
Author: sgalv


11 Responses to Luxurius Pack V1.1

  1. Sarkissian says:

    Don’t say for all trucks if Renault is not in this pack!!

    • Domenter says:

      He said, except Renault……………. #Facepalm

      • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. says:

        Hi said to late Dude,first post said all truck.modified later after our post!

  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. says:

    And Ranault???

  3. tolisGR says:

    Nice work. Thanks

  4. greg says:

    pourquoi l auteur prend mon pseudo c est un menteur et je ne saus pas qui se cache derriere mais si je le decouvre ca va etre hard

  5. greg says:

    why the author is my nickname it is a liar and I do not saus hiding behind but if I discovers it’ll be hard

  6. Jojo15 says:

    L’auteur de ce pack c’est moi ! pour le prouver , il suffit de regarder le montant de porte du Mercedes actros (jojo15 Edition) !

    De plus ma signature est intégré dans chaque intérieur (compteur, plafonnier, autoradio …)

    Et pour finir, ce n’est pas la version 1.1 mais simplement la 1.0 😉

    la 1.7 est déja sortie et voici ce que ca donne :

    The author of this pack is me! to prove it, just look at the amount of door Mercedes Actros (jojo15 Edition)!

    Over my signature is integrated into every interior (dashbord, radio …)

    And finally, it is not version 1.1 but only 1.0;)

    1.7 is created and this is what it gives:

    • Beezey says:

      Hey Jojo15, i really like the texture packs you make, where can i get the latest 1.7 for download please

      • Jojo15 says:

        sorry, luxurius 1.7 can not download at the moment! This is a private version for Giga-Mods.

        • nick says:

          does this work on 1.4.12 patch if so how do i apply the interior to the truck?

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