Borce Company trailers


Borce Company trailers
Tested on 1.16.x
Special tnx to Aleksander Leone Wolf

#Borce #bobi27015


14 thoughts on “Borce Company trailers

  1. Skopje must be the name of the MOD . Macedonia is the land of Greece .

  2. the naming of this mod is tottaly wrong. you should reconsider. either change the name or delete the mod. such actions make you lose downloaders

  3. There is no such thing as Macedonia. Macedonia was and will be Greek. Your country ‘s name is Skopje. Realize that…

  4. GiorgosPa

    The correct name of this mod is “Monkeydonia Company Trailers”. Macedonia is Greek.

  5. GiorgosPa

    Μακεδονία ξακουστή
    του Αλεξάνδρου η χώρα
    που έδιωξες τους τύρρανους
    κι ελεύθερ’ είσαι τώρα.

    Είσαι και θα `σαι ελληνική
    Ελλήνων το καμάρι
    κι εμείς θα σ’ αντικρίζουμε
    περήφανα και πάλι.

    Οι Μακεδόνες δεν μπορούν
    να ζούνε σκλαβωμένοι
    όλα και αν τα χάσανε
    η λευτεριά τους μένει.

    Μακεδονόπουλα μικρά
    χορέψτε και χαρείτε
    προτού κι εσείς στα βάσανα
    του κόσμου τούτου μπείτε

  6. Bobi27015

    Why this hating over here, we just wanted to share the trailers in which we put alot of effort and you are here blaming about the name. By the way, Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia or if you are going to happy Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). I don’t understand why are you inducting the politics in thinks which are releated to the games and fun. Still, we are all kids, and I can bet that noone of the Greek modders/skinners didn’t get comments on his mod like you did on the Macedonian’s. Plus, in this mod there ISN’T mods with any flag or simmilar there is just real companies from Macedonia or FYROM as you said.

    1. GiorgosPa

      The name of your country is Vardaska or FYROM. Macedonia is Greek change the name of your mod.

  7. We dont hating you . I understand that you do a lot of work but we both know the trueth story of the name . If you dont want comments like this in your next mod stay away of our GREEK teritories and for once put the real name . We dont have anything with your mod and im pretty sure that your work is very good but be carefull with the NAMES

    1. i will give name on my mod how i want,you go to resolve your politic problems to the other place ok? btw,all comments are reported

      1. GiorgosPa

        This problem is not politic, Macedonia is Greek. The name of your country is Vardaska or FYROM.

  8. Norsk.R730

    By the way dude, tell us pls the credits of the trailers you have here, bcs i think that you “BORROWED” them from “somewhere” else. Not good when someone do that. I will inform the owner right now….and btw, i might be norsk but we all know and basically its a worldwide common sense that the name Macedonia belongs to Hellas SINCE EVER. Sorry guys but you all in Skopje are mostly Muslims and some [arts of you are albanians, bulgarians…etc. but NOT Gresk mennesker. So pls….remove the name as they are right. We also have had enough with you. The FYROM lastebilsjåfører are the WORST. Only the last year more than 280 lastbilesjåfører were arrested with fake driving licences, drunk, bcs of accidents, sorry Æpal but you have no laws and rules and no idea of how really is to be a REAL lastebilsjåfør.

    1. And SPEAK ENGLISH!! We aren’t Shitwegians

  9. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Macedonia never was part of greece do you remember Yugoslavia and old Serbia ?

  10. Hi

    Can you check this paintjob problem on ‘Spoiler Uterbau Painted Fullsize’ & ‘Custom Airhose 2’ paintjob problems by Remoled and Necromancy

    Paintjobs from Vaas, Pauly, DaStig, Andriy Gulapo, Alexandar Lone Wolf, Borce, NMK61, Hounddog…have some problem with some skin for this tuning part.

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