Mack rs700 v1.27

-Renault Dealer
-Painted in metallic



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8 Responses to Mack rs700 v1.27

  1. Kenseth says:

    hey v.krankel-varter and Gazila!!!!

    fake mod for because to not RS700 Rubber duck version!!!!! please need truck addon RS700 Rubber duck!!!!

  2. kennyk108 says:

    doesn’t mean that the mods fake kenseth, you know the rubber duck version of this mod is even worse then this

  3. Racz Bela says:

    Nice Truck , but it have no Backlights. And please make double Exhaust and DLC Parts for the Cab

  4. THE_AGENT_47 says:

    I’m not going to lie this mod has some issues like no back lights and there’s not much customization BUT there is big potential in this mod. Hopefully it will get improved but it’s a good start.

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