Mack Titan V8 [1.27]

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Fixed Errors 100%
The error is corrected – there is – no red chrome – any more 100%
Dealer IVECO
8 types of engines with new sounds
23 types of transmissions
It is registered in the company
Test versions: –

Andrey Vasilyev, vitalik062, Kriechbaum, FRANK_WOT, Unic, ETS2_ModeR


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9 Responses to Mack Titan V8 [1.27]

  1. jorgent97 says:

    Hd test…

  2. MREnglishGamer says:

    Test video on my channel on YouTube
    Link to video

  3. Gamer_Kate says:

    Nice truck … though there’s something wrong with it. A Mack Titan V8 and you can’t choose a V8 engine. No thanks. Very disappointed.

  4. maestro says:

    yeah Gamer_Kate, you`re correct. It`s disappointing not having a proper v8 engine with a proper v8 sound from Mack. But the rest is fine

  5. Cipinho says:

    take any other old version of this truck and pass it to dump command to convert files to 1.27. you will get the same truck with the same warnings in the log but with the Mack v8 engine included

  6. Anon says:

    Logs are NOT clean, there’s still a lot of errors plaguing the truck so the description is a lie.

  7. kennyk108 says:

    ats please

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