Magirus Deutz + Interior v 1.0 ETS2 1.31

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– independent truck model
– High quality 3D model
– High quality detailed exterior
– High quality detailed interior
– passangers seats
– the model has own interior
– the model has own sound
– the model has own wheels
– realistic lights
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat
– 1 type of chassis
– 1 type of cabin
– the choice of engine power
– the choice of transmission and gearbox
– the choice of wheels configuration
– choice of color body / metallic paint
– correct position of the Magirus logo
– Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals;
– The correct position of the player;
– Supports all major functions of the game
– buy in Iveco dealer

Authors: mo3Del Truck Game (mTG): 3D model of the truck: JAWA. Envelope in the game, animation, registration: Stas556. Sound: Kriechbaum. Texture of instruments, other help: Bear79. Technology dachport: Knox, dmitry68


9 thoughts on “Magirus Deutz + Interior v 1.0 ETS2 1.31

  1. Trailer mods pls

  2. Looks+good.+Maybe+in+the+next+update+some+slots+for+additional+lights?

  3. Bhagwant123

    Make it ets2 v. also

  4. Chris Crawley

    Hi, I’m not sure what I did wrong, but the mod is in the ETS2 mod folder and is active in game, but does not show up either in the showroom or online. Help please?

    1. noe lecomte

      oui j’ai juste la meme chose sa m’énèrve

  5. i love this truck …

    But i was wondring if you also could make the Magirus-Deutz KW16

    if it is possible

  6. звук….такой звук у него будет если 5 цилиндров из 10 не будет работать!так жестко будут стучать поршня. пипец какой то а не звук!интересно автор когда-нибуль слышал как ровно и мягко работает 10-цилиндровый двигатель Дойц?

  7. Please for 1.34

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