Man tgx euro6 d2676 lf sound

Hi guys this mod changes scs man tgx euro6 sound with real man D2676 LF sound

All sounds are long range and smooth have fun

ıf you wanna support me you premıum dl in share mods or

working 1.37-1.38 open beta



7 thoughts on “MAN TGX EURO6 D2676 LF SOUND

  1. Video ?

  2. As usual, Voith is too dumb to put in a video…. cunts like you should stop uploading here, and why supporting you???? Just to make money? Without video, NO SUPPORTING!!!!!! I hpoe you get it.

    1. man you right but attention your words ım not youtuber ı share and sit back MANY of youtubers in here its their job but ok next records ı share video in youtube and add here you can listen clearly

  3. florian13451

    No Video , no Support

    1. Tom Zagtestie

      Looks horrible, sound awful and can’t drive if his life depended on it

  4. Man, you people are assholes. It takes 2 minutes to download and try the sound yourselve. The sound is good, the best free one for the Euro 6 out there right now imo. Cheers for the good work Voith, ignore the trolls , most of these are 12 year olds.

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