MAN TGX Stock Sound 2.0

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Hello Fellow Truckers, After a long while I am finally releasing an update for the stock sound. In this update I have reworked the pitch and rpms drastically and it now sounds extremely close if not identical to sound in German And U.K truck simulator.



8 thoughts on “MAN TGX Stock Sound 2.0

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. VasilyEVR

    This sound is recorded by Scs software with MAN F90 🙂

  3. ### ??? Sound for MatchBox Cars ??

  4. very bad fright

  5. ###! This sound is horrible. Mate, better start doing something different.

  6. trash

  7. These sounds are terrible. It sounds like a sewing machine!!!

  8. Kaipiringlisher

    Úárá gárbág…
    Módôr fárgúáj!!!

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