MAN TGX Tuning

MAN-TGX-Tuning-1 MAN-TGX-Tuning-2 MAN-TGX-Tuning-3

Tuning for MAN TGX Truck

Author: Geovane Rocha (Rock Geovane)


7 thoughts on “MAN TGX Tuning

  1. pls other downloadlink ! anitvir blocked ! thx

  2. TeddyBear

    4shared sucks.

    1. Sortavalec

      I would like to see the video.

  3. The Goon!!! On normal exchanger to flood on could!!!

    1. What are you talking about MAKO76? Normal exchanger to flood…speak some sort of English please.

      Now down to the mod, seems to work ok patch 1.16.3+
      Not done a big test but shows up for me.Thankyou

  4. SudelNuppe

    Please add a tuned Tag- and midlift for the next version

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