MAN V8 Engine (SP+MP Ready)


Scania V8 Engine & Transmission for MAN truck you can only get them from truck dealers and can’t get them from addon.
*Instructions: When you added your mod to ets2 go on singleplayer first then go to MAN truck dealer, find the truck with 730hp engine and customize it to how you want but don’t change engine or transmission (You have to start again and you won’t get engine), after that get buy the truck and you are good to go! Then go to multiplayer and you will see your Truck is an actual V8 engine with scania transmission!
Tested with 1.24s and up.



One thought on “MAN V8 Engine (SP+MP Ready)

  1. PC.BreadStick

    Sadly after later testing the engine doesn’t sound like a scania v8 only default MAN engine sounds.

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