Manchester United interior


A MUFC interior mod for all trucks. Manchester United Interior Mod RHD & LHD

Author: George Frost


16 Responses to Manchester United interior

  1. roadrunner says:

    new link please as its not working

  2. george frost says:

    Sorry for the link not working I will get a new 1 up tommorow

  3. roadrunner says:

    Hi just re-checked the link and now its to a download of a 1 axle fridge trailer

    • jim says:

      errm.. thats funny ill reupload the link and get it up tonight mate sorry

      • george says:

        errm.. thats funny ill reupload the link and get it up tonight mate sorry

        • roadrunner says:

          hi mate just tryed again to download but its saying this

          File Belongs to Non-Validated Account.

          The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has not yet been validated

          Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

          could you uploaded it to another site please

  4. Some #### says:

    well, what a #### mod

  5. steve white says:

    Still doesn’t work….still links to the City Trailer.

  6. Se62 says:

    Exactly, but what does the author of the mod?

  7. roadrunner says:

    any news on a new link/upload yet as i really wont this mod!!

  8. Se62 says:

    Then Mr. George, your mod will be t he updated or you let us down?

    Thank you to take the necessary.

  9. roadrunner says:

    Guess this is a right bust then as still no new link to the mod

    • roadrunner says:

      MATE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU love it been waighting for this grate mod

  10. george frost says:

    Glad u like it

  11. stary says:

    New link please its not working only city trailer ??

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