Map legiunnaire2 v26


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tested 1.15 & 1.16, bugs fixed etc

legiunnaire & more in file map

DOWNLOAD 5 MB [blog]
DOWNLOAD 5 MB [mediafire]

7 thoughts on “Map legiunnaire2 v26

  1. why perm password by this map??? password dont work….

  2. Password : myspacenote.blogspot

    1. very good

  3. if you going to make a map make sure its worth the while

  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    Here’s a couple of deliveries completed with the map…..

    Le Harve to Banjarnegara 2285km run
    (With the help of MHAPro map EU 1.8.1)

    Temanggung to Kartosuro 1636km run

  5. Bom dia, teria como deixar esse mapa compativel com outro mapas e tambem como complemento, sem remontar em cima do mapa da europa, gostaria muito de ter seu mapa em meu jogo, uso o mapa mario, EAA, russia espaços abertos , rusmap, baltic , south korea offroad , e como disse gostaria de ter seu mapa tambem para assim deixar meu jogo mais completo, e mais atrativo, se for possivel , obrigado.

  6. Map really isn’t worth playing. roads way to small and very poorly made. Original roads on the game are better so are other people maps. This map not worth time to play and poorly made!

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