Map of Romania v 9.1 (1.26.x)

Version 9.1:
* New vehicles in traffic (new facilities)
* Trains and new coaches
* Tractors with multiple trailers
* Restored gates animated
* Part time special vehicles (with flashing lights and (or) sounds)
* Romanian vehicles are more frequent
* Trains stopping places
* Corrected errors in map

Elyxir, Alin2008Todor


16 thoughts on “Map of Romania v 9.1 (1.26.x)


    my game crash every time i try to open a new profile with this mod.
    what can i do?

  2. ThommyLee

    I really like this map, but I want to disable
    – music at own garage
    – police/ambulance siren sound
    – flash lights at McDonald´s
    Any ideas ?
    Some versions ago there was a mod included to disable sounds.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. hay que hacer perfil nuevo?

  4. Compatible with promdos?

  5. vale para mapa 12.2?

  6. Komplatibel mit der ProMods?

  7. Adrian G.

    Last time I checked, enabling this map crashed the game, even a new profile created, seems that Vive La France is either hard to combine with or the AI traffic mods overlap the map’s unique traffic parameters.

    I’m willing this time to give it another try and see what happens.

    Because it’s a standalone map with .mbd at the end, it’s less likely to be compatible with Promods. I’ll test it and post the results soon. Happy trucking.

  8. The map works fine when you activate the map-mod, the trailer-mod and one of the traffic-mods in a new profile (or update the old one), seasons-mods are optional… only these horrible sirens from ambulance and police and these flash lights!!! argh 🙁

    1. Adrian G.

      Thx for sharing this info, I had my suspicions before for another of his Romanian maps, because of its size, in that previous which was clearly smaller than this version, the trailer mod was missing from the archive, I know almost everything about the antiviral software behavior for RAR archives, so it’s a package upload error mostlikely, should not have been caused by an antivirus.

      Happy trucking.

  9. Samuraiboo14

    map file shows in mod manager as uncompatible. Im running the latest 1.26 version of the game. I’ve tried the slovakia file that comes with it but that crashes the game. Any idea why? Looks good but doesn’t work

  10. This map never worked for me. Any version of the map or any version of the game. Disappointing!

  11. Truckdriver

    Not working, with or without any other map.

  12. Harta+este+foatre,+foarte+frumoasa+si+bine+facuta+numai+ca+sirenele+de+politie+si+ambulanta+sant+foarte+dese+si+foarte+tari,+deranjeaza+cam+mult,+nu+este+o+critica,+dar+incearca+sa+le+reduci+din+volum+sa+se+auda+doar+putin+si+vei+avea+cea+mai+tare+harta+a+romaniei+pe+care+a+facuto+cineva+vreodata+in+ETS2.+

  13. nu ma lasa sa o descarc 🙁

  14. Czy może ktoś podać linka na save tej mapy bo mi się gra zawiesza przy utworzeniu profilu nowego

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