Map Puno Peru v 1.6

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ETS2 1.30.xx
DLC Going East, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France, DLC Itali

new city:

1. Impari
2. Suluni.

Puno Peru credit model:
Carlos Delgado.

Peru credit model:
Jhon Cristian Charca.

Credits Map:
Elvis Madariaga

Facebook page map:

Elvis Madariaga

Elvis Madariaga


17 Responses to Map Puno Peru v 1.6

  1. Saurav says:

    Is this mod compatible with other map mods like Promods, RusMap, ROS, Great Steppe etc.?

  2. Edivad says:

    Crash with

  3. Sam says:

    Is it compatible with ETS v1.25?

  4. Driving_SG says:

    Mountainous, varied roads and wooden, damaging bridges etc., see more here:

  5. zuputo says:

    not Compatile with other mods

  6. Miritellane says:



  7. Miritellane says:

    This Map is really very nice, technical and surprising…
    Work solo with 1.30.
    Thanks to the designer… I wait impatiently for the next version…

  8. Path Finder says:

    instead of showing driving on the map why dont show where is this map located on the world map

  9. Adelson says:

    como fazer pra instalar passo a passo o mapa e o onibus, quem ficar primeiro na ordem dos mods, desde já obrigado.

  10. Adelson says:

    Como fazer pra instalar passo a passo o mapa e ônibus, quem fica primeiro na ordem dos Mods, desde já obrigado.

  11. Edivad says:

    OK, now works good with New Profile, select map. Standalone. THANKS

    • Edivad says:

      Remember: high priority in Mod Manager (first place) otherwise it crashes

  12. emre says:


  13. LUCAS says:


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