Map Puno Peru v 1.9 DX11 ETS2 1.35.x

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Map: Map Puno Perú v1.9 DX11 ETS2 1.35.x

– Deadly mountain roads.
– The car map
– Game module: Puno_Perú.mbd

It is required:
DLC Going East, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France, DLC Itali, Special transport.

Elvis Madariaga


10 Responses to Map Puno Peru v 1.9 DX11 ETS2 1.35.x

  1. Anthony Perry says:

    Is this Promods compatable

  2. Yony says:

    Que mejoras tiene esta version 1.9? which improvements have this version?

  3. Man says:

    Horrible hill road xD

  4. Jayrem217 says:

    I installed this map because it seemed very beautiful but after 8kms, freeze games. I have no mods. You have to start the live game X 9 or 11? So I uninstall it … Disappointed

    • Omenanraato says:

      Same problem. First working fine, but now…game crash always in the same point. Log saying: error..police car or something. No other mods.

  5. youssef says:


  6. Berktan says:

    Compatible with 1.36?

  7. Talha says:

    Update this mod to 1.36 please

  8. Ahmed says:

    Wonderful and fun game

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