Map RPM V3


This is version 3 of the Map RPM! In this version, I fixed all the
bugs sets the map (house underground or truck in the air ….) I also
added streetlights for those who like to drive at night! There are on
the road and in the field! I also added a service station on the
ground to prevent you ascend to the surface to fail! : D It is
forbidden to modify the link.

Julien, surimi08 (Steven)


6 thoughts on “Map RPM V3

  1. speeddude960

    what do we have to do to make the map run?

  2. pls, take a photo of video of entire map.

    I’m not sure if the map is ok because some parts are link to nothing

    It was tested with Promods, TSM, Eastern Express, EU 1.2+…?

  3. The map only works with TSM

    and does not work for version 1.9.x

  4. Conserned Trucker

    where do we find the ramp?
    (Shown in tow right picture?)

  5. Conserned Trucker


  6. Jak se da udělat aby fungovalo na 1.9x ?

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