Mapa Eldorado Free 1.6.8 for 1.28 (OFFICIAL)

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Map corrected to work on 1.28
Download and activate only the map, you do not need FIX!


DOWNLOAD 783 MB Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 783 MB [Mirror]

16 thoughts on “Mapa Eldorado Free 1.6.8 for 1.28 (OFFICIAL)

  1. Work with promods?

  2. lollo2604

    need any dlc?

    1. Needs every map DLC :/

  3. Chris2907

    Wo liegt diese Map?

  4. Does anyone knows a fix to let it work on TSM map…

    1. put the map simply at the bottom, no fix needed, works fine for me

  5. Arbeitet diese mit der ProMods????

  6. Mariano Italiano

    Nice map 😀 !

  7. Promods?

  8. Digital X

    Looking back at the past versions guys, it is indeed standalone. I am downloading to test on it’s own. I may try with Promods and see how that goes.

  9. Digital X

    Looking at the past versions, it is indeed standalone guys. I will test on it’s own, and then with Promods, Rusmap etc.

    1. Hi, Do you give me contact to you? I have offer to you.

  10. RebelCopyrights

    Where can I find the house from the picture

  11. FrenchTruckers

    Nice Map but my game crash when I play 5-6min, isn’t my PC because I’ve a good config ! :/
    However, VERY NICE MAP ! x)

  12. Z jakimi mapami działa ona

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