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Marcedez Benz Maxibus (Murray’s Australia)

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Murray’s is one of the most popular fleets in Australia. The coach used for this is a Marcedez Benz Maxibus. The doors are operational.



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11 Responses to Marcedez Benz Maxibus (Murray’s Australia)

  1. ets2tim says:

    how can i open the door ?

  2. DerpbombGaming says:

    “Marcedez Benz”

    0/10 for grammar

    • LynxKris says:

      Lol, Marcedez Benz *R.I.P Grammar*
      And moreover this is an Indonesian mod created by Indonesian people. You just stole it and made a skin and took the credit

  3. tigreone says:

    Last of the Mohicans

  4. .......... says:

    lol indonesian mod…….

  5. shadowm312 says:

    Can’t find the bus in any dealer in the game??

  6. витька says:

    что за мод на пассажиров???

  7. Sensation says:

    He stealing the mod without copyright

  8. dh24580 says:

    Wie kann man die Türen öffnen

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