Massive Trailer Skin Pack V1


Here is a Trailer skin pack consisting of:
Canadian Tire
Food Basics
Best Buy/Future Shop
Coca Cola Windows 8 Nike
Thank you and hope you enjoy! 🙂

Author: playstationmanrocks


6 thoughts on “Massive Trailer Skin Pack V1

  1. I’ve installed and activated it yet I still see no new trailers.
    Could it be conflicting with Euro Logistica mod?

    1. playstationmanrocks

      Yes most like the 2 mods are conflicting and you should try it with no other mods to make sure it works properly

    2. Not to be rude, but why not disable the other mod and test? It shouldn’t be the creator’s responsibility to ensure that something works with every possible mod.

      1. playstationmanrocks

        thank you good sir

  2. je l’installe et l’active directement

    1. playstationmanrocks

      bon travail merci pour essayer

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