MAZ 504B-515B + Template v 4.5 [1.32.x]

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= Standalone
= Find in MAN Dealer
= Four cabins
= Two Interiors
= Three Chassis
= Own Sound
= Wheels and Tires
= Four Engines
= Tree Gearbox
= Your Tuning
= Support SISL`s Accessories
= Added to the gallery and a company Truck
= Adapted more than 21 skin for both Trucks
= Added the Template to the Cab for the Skins
= All Textures converted Trucks in high quality
= All Textures of the Skins are converted into high quality
= Tested on versions: 1.30.xx –

Prime044, Fox071rus, Stas556, Kosa6414, Maximix93, Koral


12 Responses to MAZ 504B-515B + Template v 4.5 [1.32.x]

  1. B.pipos says:

    Video Test MAZ 515B

  2. Renato says:

    Did you add trailer cables to the truck?

  3. B.pipos says:

    Video Test MAZ 514B + Gigant Trailer Axles

  4. Koral says:

    so? you throw a fit over a mod, not my fault

  5. Cipinho says:

    thanks for the cleaned version of this nice old truck. but the steering wheel getting out from the chassis is still there 😉

  6. Bodyguardxp says:

    ETS 2 – MAZ 504B-515B (NOSTALJÄ°) [1.32]

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