MAZ 6422 [1.36.x] (upd: 05.12.19)

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– Registered autonomously.
– Bought in the showroom MAN.
– Its tuning.
– Engines and sounds (YaMZ D6 Euro 1 breath from Dark_Wolf, the rest from Kriechbaum)
– Support advanced hitch.
– Camera fixed.
– Bug fixes and improvements.

Update 05.12.2019

Fixed the mirrors to the new physics (g_phys_mirrors “1”)
Added missing UV channels (for painting metallic in DX11)
Fixed registration of wipers
Fixed outdated registration of headlights
Fixed all found errors and warnings
Sold in the showroom MAZ ” Dealers brands of modifications”
Log is clear

Stas556, Mishanka, Kriechbaum, Dark_Wolf, _69_mf_, Phantom94, vovangt4, Prime044, Kolianchik, Лёха72


6 thoughts on “MAZ 6422 [1.36.x] (upd: 05.12.19)

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Hi there!
    Thanks a lot,boys

  2. hello after install this mode where i find this truck?

    1. VosViddiN

      1……ETS2 main menu
      2……Truck Dealers
      3……Access Mod Dealers (at the Bottom Right of the page.)
      4……Find your Mod
      5……Buy it :):):)

  3. jayontheway228

    Предлагаю ознакомится с обзором мода
    Если понравилось — подпишись )

  4. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – MAZ 6422 (Rusya Dolaylarından) [1.36]

  5. Amazing sound. Heavy on GPU.

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