MAZ 6440 v 2.0

This update for:

– Fixed crashed

MAZ-6440 v2.0

– Standalone model
– Bought from a dealer MAN
– 1 cabin
– 1 6×6 chassis
– 4 powertrain
– 4 engine
– 5 skins
– Painting, including metallic
– 2 interior
– Animation shop, janitors (outside and inside)
– Collision, advanced coupling
Chassis with lifting axle
– Support for DLC “Cabin Accesory”, it is desirable to use a Pak from SISL

Test on version 1.27.x

Вован Юрченко (lynx55)


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6 thoughts on “MAZ 6440 v 2.0

  1. few errors but overall is a nice truck with interesting sound

  2. I love it, but I have problems with the chrome parts of the body. If you could make a version without chrome, or with the possibility of painting those parts the truck would be perfect.

    1. I will accept your wishes in the future to be added) ))

  3. Thanks for the fix. Love the sound!

  4. Please make the Dodge Ram 3500 Super Heavy Duty!

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