MB Sprinter + VW Crafter mega mod v1


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Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter Mega Mod

different types of variants

only mercedes interior now but working on volkswagen interior

– no editing
– no reuploading
– no sharing on other hosts

DragonModz, Klolo901, Raz0rMind, Diablo,SCS



26 thoughts on “MB Sprinter + VW Crafter mega mod v1

  1. solaris36

    Another incomplete mod and plenty of bugs.
    Thank you. It’s really funny to fix them.
    How many beta/bugged/incomplete/unfinished mods you have? 20…30? And finished…1…2?
    Better to finish one or two before make another incomplete, don’t think?

    1. DragonModz

      this is continuation of sprinter mod so itstsame mod plus dont like dont use/ comment

      1. solaris36

        I’m free to download, try and comment.
        If you don’t want to people comment your mods, don`t upload them.

        1. DragonModz only posts #### mods, zero quality, pure garbage. If you say something and criticize he jump like a ###### little girl and cries about people harassing her.

          DragonModz you are en embarrassment to the modding community. Just stop. Stop posting your junk, it’s useless. Nobody wants your #### except ###### little kids with no brains at all,

          DragonModz you are wasting air. Do us a favor and stop!

          1. DragonModz

            im a he and i wont stop modding u stop bullying me cause i wont stop no matter what get lost nico

          2. DragonModz

            and also stop being a 40yr old perv stalking my mods and commenting #### on them

          3. Indeed , another crappy unfinished mod. Please stop releasing 30 craps per month with differents names that are made with toes and finish your #### work.

          4. Face critic you child

          5. DragonModz

            Jure i will do what i want to do so f-off and im 18 i do what i wanna do

          6. Nah dude stop posting shitmod. Tried your Actros Pack… What can i say ? Missing pannels everywhere , totally ###### up , make truck sliding like a saop , totally unfinished and game crashed 2mn after.

          7. DragonModz

            Akula if u looked properly there are nodes for addons and most parts are under that because they have more options than 1 obviously u didnt check properly before commenting ur ###### comment

          8. Nope your mods are unfinished and bugged like hell. Admit it , you’re 13 trying to farm compliments but you can’t do anything good and you’re mad at people.

          9. Hey Nico, do you make mods? I not, s**t up!! Think and comment!
            I download the mod and it’s bugged. The moddind isn’t an easy hobby.Even me, i want to help the community with this vehicle, however, i fix the bugs. I ask the modders if i can publish the unbugged mod. I fix the chassis, all parts, and you, s**t!!!! Understand?

            Help DragonModz, not criticate!!! If someone says about your mods is f****d! shut!!!

  2. RhastalordTV
  3. To be honest now mate, I must unfortunately agree with solaris36 that is is an incomplete mod. There are many things missing into the mod and you are also making it so users can´t edit out the things that needs to be done. For example, there is still that steering wheel thingy under the van which is annoying as hell, there is no tunning to it except a bumper, the physics can be much improved too. And for the main part, no ao baking (which I know you can´t make cause you don´t know how to do it).

    Now, I´m not trying to only see the bad things with this mod, I really don´t do but tbh there isn´t much good about it except that it is “1 of a kind” as no one else is making these kind of mods.
    Maybe you should take a bit more time to actually finish the mod up to the next release and also trying to fix the bugs that were mentioned above.

    1. R.Prime&Sons


  4. can you fix the stearing wheel?

    1. No he can’t , he’s a noob that only release crappy mods just to make people’s game crash.

      1. DragonModz

        actually i can i just have other projects to do the private mods are least of my priority right now

      2. DragonModz

        i meant public

  5. Sadly there are no MB 211’s available. They are all incomplete. Wipers don’t work, sounds are bad, and you cannot edit them. So say good-by to these kinds of mods. One day someone will make a nice one that works right and can be edited…

  6. zephyrlee

    Wow…so many haters…you guys can either use it or just ignore it if you don’t like them. Haters are really wasting your time.

    I like this mod. It provides a great variety of modification on Mercedes Sprinter. The idea of this mod is great. Sprinter as a commercial vehicle makes more sense than a BMW X6 lol.

    However, sadly I do consider this mod an unfinished mod. Obviously there are some major bugs, no mention the detail things like wrong gear box and gear ratio, headlight flare etc.. But as soon as you take time into this mod and finish it I am sure it would become one of my favourite mod. 😉

    1. DragonModz

      as i commented before i have a job and college do not really have time for mods i mod for fun so yeah and its not easy when sometimes you dont even get 1 hour a day for mods it is impossible to learn new things with the time limiting you

  7. OK, to be honest with you Dragon Modz, i like things you do because sometime it’s very unique but I don’t like the steering wheel + you should add another interrior for the Crafter. And the last thing I want to say is keep working with ur mods, It sometime may be #### but you need some more exp so just keep work harder and sooner or later it’ll pay-off

  8. And another thing that I would want to say is if you like, I’ll give you my FB so that we could talk more. It’s “Pthin[email protected]” copy this email to the search box in FB and it’ll show only one result

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