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26 thoughts on “Mega Store 1.7

  1. Joe Alker

    Does this actually work well this time…??

    1. My game crashed when I tried to upgrade to ‘Scania Topline XL’

  2. Bestes Mod, weiter so, dann übertrifft das noch Kaptains Tuning Mod!

  3. Please load on a normal file exchanger

  4. Terrible 4shared file hosting.

  5. This web page is not available error

  6. have you got to have all mega mods in or just updated one

  7. hakkebøf

    Come on, give os som more info. Is it an update or new version that replace the other one, or what? And what is that file exchanger? Lets have som ohter one. Please.

  8. do you have link 8×4 in the picture it’s cool

  9. Van_Matthew

    anybody has the UNLOCKD version?! It’s crazy that an “A Class” cabin costs only 100€! Come on! The mod’s excellent but KYTO PLEASE LEAVE THE ORIGINAL PRIZES FOR THE PARTS

  10. Another one of these really?…

  11. give me link to download you ######

  12. anybody has a unlocked url?

  13. sorry 8×4 crashes my game any idea why? the last versions of this mod I have had no problems with so please help as this mod is really good!

    1. 1) go to your “folder Documents”\Euro Truck Simulator 2\;

      2) Open game.log.txt (Notepad++ can open)

      The end of file shows what happened.

      now. to fix….

      3) Go to;

      4) Search for some post about Mega Store 1.7;

      5) If don’t exists a similar post, create it one.

      I do not know if Kyto has a post dedicated to Mega Store there


  14. Van_Matthew


  15. hi I have this mod installed but all the cab part eg the attachment points none of the accessories show up ……………. do I need to have other stuff installed. this is the only mod shop mod I have installed

  16. Do i have to remowe the 1.5 and 1.6?

  17. Speaking of Which...

    What about you and your mother!

    1. I bet your mother is better. I tried her. She was delicious

  18. Each time better.

    Thx Kyto

    Do you have a site to we follow your work?)

  19. Dave Otto

    KYTO this truck is awesome thanks for a awesome mod i do have a question for you it simlar to David post above when i click on extra parts for like the grill lights back on the sleeper and stuff of that sort it shows extra part 03 04 02 and 01 but nothing appers like light options is their a way to fix this?

  20. i like the mod, #### when you selected the 8×4 chassis for scania that fuel tank on the back side is ugly. i have a other mod where you have really nice fuel tanks. can you convert those tanks in to this mod?

  21. Well on my mega mod the new volvo have problems when i change cabin (not luxury) and chassi… turn the cabin and bumper in red :S

  22. if you need to unlock the mod
    then use the scs-unlocker:

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