Mega Store Mod Fixed


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Here is a little mod what you fixed error in mod Mega Store function in EAA Maps, Map and Directions RBR TSM.
This mode will be corrected and fully functional will these maps mentioned in
mentioned in!

Game versions: 1.9.22,

Authors: KYTO, Bull500, JB Games


12 thoughts on “Mega Store Mod Fixed

  1. why i need..

  2. guywithvolvo

    There is still a problem with volvo fh componible chassis sideskirts.(3 axle versions) They are bright red. Possible to fix this?

    1. guywithvolvo

      Otherwise this mod fixed many problems. Thanks!

  3. gacie_proroka

    Please link to mega store mod

  4. Does this fix the flashnh in cab hen chassis change

  5. Bart van Ham

    are the red textures or missing textures fixed as well?

  6. Thanks, it’s working well. (y)

  7. Ragebayne

    Still have crazy flashing in cab at night

  8. DarKKaramel

    Fix for side skirts red texture?

  9. guywithvolvo

    Please fix for 1.12!

  10. Jerusalem

    This causes a freight market crash for me. I have no idea why. :V

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