Mega Tandem Trailer v 3.0 ETS2 1.25.хх

mega-tandem-1 mega-tandem-2 mega-tandem-3

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Using the fully radically altered modes: Mega Tandem Trailer with version ETS2 1.13.h

The log is a few yellow lines, the game does not affect.

Tandem chassis truck for all default except for new trucks Mercedes and DAF Euro 6.

Authors: Malcom37, groningen263


6 thoughts on “Mega Tandem Trailer v 3.0 ETS2 1.25.хх

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. Hi, it looks like a nice mod, but im having some trouble finding it in “job offers”.. Is it possible to make it more common?

  3. Sarah1224

    Hahaha another ###### mod with tandems 🙂 … try to make sharp moves with that trailer in the city lol. Why you didn’t show us how did you get out of the company yard with that trailer? Because you can’t get out.

    1. whatever299

      Maybe you #### at driving, because i can make sharp turns properly

      1. panthere03

        oui de même j’arrive moi aussi a bien prendre les virages avec dite moi serait il possible de faire mise a jour sur 1.26 merci

  4. FredtheBed001

    when I click on the tandem chassis in the truck selector the game crashes?

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