Mega Tuning v 1.1.0


This mod was created after many people e-mailed me wanting the download link for the lights that were shown on the 730 HP for Daf Euro 6 mod. It includes other parts and tuning for trucks which I use in my savegame.
Tested on version 1.16

Authors: MasterMods, Balbo


9 Responses to Mega Tuning v 1.1.0

  1. @ntonio says:

    video pls.

  2. Anjin38 says:

    This mod just crashed the game!

  3. tchaby says:

    problem with accessories file i copy and crash the game.tunning mod no problem.

  4. michael says:

    the game is crashen

  5. MasterMods says:

    Working on an update, should be out in about a week

  6. Greg says:

    the game crash

  7. tierama says:


  8. Kevin Eric says:

    It works if you only use “tuning”

  9. MasterMods says:

    This Mod is for 1.14.X
    Please use an updated Mod

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