Mercedes Actros Mp4


Mercedes Benz Actros MP IV on the latest [ETS2]
+ Spelled out in a separate slot.
+ His salon.
+ Supported by the repainting of the body.
+ Three variants of the chassis.
The use of 1 + chassis. other is not a big bug.
Original authors / Authors: ED94, seckin01, DANZ, Ch_Vitalik ..
Revised by: By_Axeet it – Vladislav Kalash. Was: curtains.
Bamper.peredelannye plastic tanks. Finalization of the body. lights in
the salon.

Authors: ED94, seckin01, DANZ, CH_Vitalik, Axeet


14 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros Mp4

  1. Interior pic? or video?

  2. john avgos

    has uk interior?

  3. mohammad.b

    Thank you ED94, seckin01, DANZ, CH_Vitalik, Axeet

  4. RockKing918

    Can you please remove the curtains & reupload the mod… If you could, can you make a nice skin something like a dragon…

  5. Andy Atkinson

    This has always been a great mod. Its just a shame its still missing a right hand drive interior 🙁

  6. All these great mods and they forget or dont want to put RHD versions. The UK is not the only country in the world to drive on the left granted not loads do but please

  7. No, no, no i can’t believe it, you make a globally very nice work (yes few bugs like pink fuel tank on other chassis but anyway globally worked), and BOOM you put ugly curtains !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYY ????

  8. I agree about the curtains. I know some people like to have them, but many of us dont, and when a truck looks so good in every other way it’s a shame to have to delete it because of a little extra feature that should be optional if it needs to be part of the mod at all.
    Mod looks great apart from that issue.

  9. ladouille9567

    vidéo :
    Google is our friend

  10. SLackerLX

    ###… Curtains of shame… Why do modders put them.. So ###### lame.
    Those who hate the curtains of shame, just grab the interior from KaptaN_38 mod. Easy to replace

  11. Gerald Payne

    What about side skirts and exhaust ? Do we not know how to do it or does it not matter ? Curtains are for Houses not trucks ! !

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