Mercedes Actros MP4 VIP Custom

– Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.37 and 1.38).
– All parts come ready
– Special Mercedes parts are available
– a lots of light
– VIP Interior



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6 thoughts on “Mercedes Actros MP4 VIP Custom

  1. çok güzel olmuş ama o kabin içindeki püskülleri kaldırma seçeneği olmadığı için kullanmayacağım. onu sevmeyenler için kaldırma seçeneği de eklersen müthiş olur. UK modelinde yani direksiyonun sağda olan halinde yok onlar, aynı şekilde normal hali de öyle olsa keşke..

  2. editleyerek rahatsız yazısını değiştirebiliyor muyuz ?

  3. A nice truck only comes out of it white as shown in the photo and no rain flaps are visible from the inside or it will be fixed in the next version Please improve it and rain drops on the glass missing and more for Tuning for her Thanks?

    1. Thanks for the comment, I’m aware of the bugs, bugs will be fixed and more modifications will be added in the new version

      1. When you can expect a new version to download, please correct in the next version so that you can see raindrops on the windows because you can not see them at all, only the sound reflects on the windows I will be grateful that you will fix it in the next version because I like the truck, how can you add more colors side small mirrors and the front ones on the windshield to have the color as shown in the picture Thank you, I am waiting for a copy from you?

  4. What is the password????

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