Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5_1.46

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5 EVO
-i convert from game assetto corsa
-HQ interior and exterior
-original wheel
-2 option interior
-2 option steering wheel
-Real sound

it’s free for personal

enjoy ……………..



17 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5_1.46

  1. immersivecar

    please dacia duster please

  2. Your mods are great, everything works fine, but I do have a question, could you do better engines especially in sports cars like this mercedes, cause it is a shame that sport cars like this mercedes drivin barely 200. Best regards.

  3. The next car?

  4. Could you do much better engines in sports cars like that?

  5. pls make opel omega b fl

  6. bmw e65?

  7. Arbouche Iliesse

    How do you convert from asseto corsa? and please make tiguan 2013 gta v

    1. Yahiaabed

      It’s hard bro now I will I I upload last car volkswagen mk 4 sedan

      1. IT is the Passat or Jetta?

  8. Peter gavlas

    hi bro plis mood opel astra g cupe

  9. Peter gavlas

    hi bro plis mod opel astra g cupe

  10. hello yahia, good mod, that a verry cool car, i like old mercedes like that

    i have a suggestion for you,

    make a Discord server (the social network “Discord” ) to be able to follow the progress of your different projects,

    thank you for the mods, and thank you in advance for the Renault Scénic that you will make

    best regards

    1. Yahiaabed

      Thank’s bro yes I will do but take time

  11. The next mod??

    1. Yahiaabed

      Surprise bro

    2. Hello, i really like your mods , you should make a discord server for your community to post updates and new mods, I wish you luck and thanks for the quality mods

  12. mercedes cl65 amg pleas

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